Overweight is a 5-piece skapunk band from Belgium which started originally as a punkrock bandback in 2001. Later on, the 5 piece evolved into a skapunk band when a hornsection was introduced.

After two well-received demos (What we call paradise – Back to life with a hangover) and some line-up changes, the band recorded its first full-length with ten catchy skapunk tracks! ‘The World For Sale’, which was released in 2009, became a real marking point with outstanding national and international critics.

With the first full-length in their back pocket, the band played a bunch of shows in Belgium and abroad. Overweight set stages on fire in Holland, France and went on tour through the UK 3 times. After two busy years, the band felt the time right for another record.

‘Chapter 11’ was recorded and mixed at Dé Studio (Asse, Belgium) by Dirk Miers and mastered at Electric City (Brussels,Belgium) by Alan Ward. This brand new EP contains 5 outstanding and catchy skapunk tracks, with the typicalOverweight elements! With this new record, the band is ready for another crazy set of shows and tours!

Overweight already had the honour of sharing the stage with bands such as Mark Foggo’s Skasters, P.O. Box, Homer, Skafield, The Disliked, Peter Pan Speedrock, de Heideroosjes, A Brand, Big D And The Kids Table, Stand Out Riot, The Junk, Tyrannosaurus Alan…